Chellie Pingree owns and operates Nebo Lodge. Chellie she has a busy career as a U.S. Representative, but  believes strongly in the importance businesses play in their small island community, creating both a welcoming place for people who visit the island, and jobs for island residents. 

Hannah Pingree, operations manager. Chellie's daughter Hannah, who has also had a successful career in politics, is now raising her two children on the island where she grew up. 

Amanda Hallowell, the chef and general manager, fell in love with food and cooking because of her mom and, more recently, Stacey Glassman at Swan’s Way Catering Company in Lincolnville, Maine. She cut her teeth at the Pulpit Harbor Inn and Restaurant on North Haven owed by her parents. 

Nebo Lodge is run with help of a talented group of employees who are dedicated to making sure that each day is filled with innovative fresh food and drinks, beautiful flowers and all the simple comforts of a truly unique Maine island experience.