Departure Time from Rockland: 4pm SHARP (please arrive well ahead of time to find parking and the boat).

Return: The captain will let you know by what time you must be back on board the boat for the return trip to Rockland, but it is usually around 8pm for arrival in Rockland harbor around 9pm.

Cost: $25 per person, payable directly to the captain by cash or check; credit card required to hold your reservation.

Cancellation Policy: Nebo Lodge requires notice of cancellation 48 hours in advance of your reservation. If we are unable to fill your spot, you will be responsible for the cost of the passage ($25 per person), which will be charged to the credit card you supplied when making your reservation. Please call NEBO LODGE for Cancellations, not John Morin, the Captain of the Equinox Boat. Thanks!

Time of Dinner Reservation: 5pm; If you are more than 15 minutes late your reservation will be forfeited, and you will be eligible for first-come, first-serve walk-in seating.

The Equinox is a bright blue 40-foot lobster boat style passenger boat that ferries up to 25 people comfortably and safely to North Haven island, Maine, 12 miles off the coast of Rockland. The trip typically takes about 45 minutes each way, during which guests will enjoy gorgeous coastal views, sealife, stargazing and more. Your captain will let you know exactly when you will need to be back down at the boat to head back to Rockland, but most nights it will be around 8pm, returning you to Rockland just before 9pm.

Required Fitness Level:
To access the boat, passengers must be able to walk from the parking lot (approximately 200 yards), down the boat ramp (approximately 25'), across the dock (approximately 15'; can be slightly wobbly/unstable), and descend into the boat via two steep steps with one handrails. We feel this is the physical equivalent of being able to walk up 5 stairs unassisted by anything or anyone. Upon arrival in North Haven, you will disembark in a similar fashion, and walk 3-5 minutes up a short, steep hill to Nebo Lodge.

Weather Preparedness:
The crossing is approximately 50 minutes, and seas can be rolly, requiring balance and a degree of heartiness. On a nice evening it may be warm, even in the shade. If it is windy or raining, some inside seating is available, but passengers are expected to come prepared with appropriate foul weather gear.

Smoking and consumption of intoxicants while aboard the boat is strictly prohibited. Passengers in violation will be asked to disembark at the nearest port.

Captain John Morin’s cell: 207-691-1637

Equinox Website: